Experience Breakthrough Technologies

We also do high-end, customized software design and development for sophisticated domain and important clients.

About Us

Sizram Solutions incorporated in Bangladesh, is a privately owned business organization of two sister concerns. Sizram Solutions has become the market leader of Security Surveillance Solutions and also in Customized Software Solutions since 1997, and till now it captures the maximum market size in Bangladesh.

Sizram Solutions was initially engaged in hardware solutions as a supplier to different organizations like Banks, educational institutions, hospitals etc. However, from 2012 and onwards the company’s core concentration extended towards providing customized software solutions according to the organization needs. Since then the company has served software solutions to different corporate, private and Govt. organizations and earned its reputation in the market.  

We also do high-end, customized software design and development for sophisticated domains and important clients.

An organized and technically efficient team of Sizram Solutions enables, ensures and manages this large client’s domain. Sizram Solutions is based on our mission to provide innovative technology solutions with total customer satisfaction.

For more than a decade successfully completed many projects all around Bangladesh involving software design, development, hardware installation and most importantly, customer support for all of our products.

Experience a continuous story of success for both installation of modern computer hardware and development of software solutions, products and services in leading edge technologies for the global market for the last 23 years.

We believe in providing “Experience Breakthrough Technologies” to our clients with innovative modern technology solutions.